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What We Do

Knoema is the most comprehensive source of global decision-making data in the world. Our tools allow individuals and organizations to discover, visualize, model, and present their data and the world’s data to facilitate better decisions and better outcomes. They are used by more than half a million people worldwide every month.

What Youll Be Doing

SysOps Engineers are responsible for keeping all user-facing services and other Knoema production and development systems running smoothly. They are a blend of pragmatic operators and software craftspeople that apply sound engineering principles, operational discipline, and mature automation to our operating environments, databases, and the Knoema codebase.

SysOps Engineers safeguard our systems (operating systems, cloud resources, networking) and databases (SQL Server, Snowflake), while implementing best practices for reliability, deliverability, and scalability. They closely partner with our greater engineering organization to build, configure and automate Knoema deployments as well as create a seamless installation and upgrade experience for customers running self-managed installations.


  • Design, build and maintain core infrastructure for reliability, deliverability, and scalability

  • Work on automation of infrastructure and help engineering succeed by providing self-service tools.

  • Infrastructure as code: use Terraform, Ansible and GitLab CI/CD for automation, containerize our environments (Docker, Kubernetes), and leverage cloud technologies to meet our goals

  • Systems: manage, configure and troubleshoot operating system issues, storage (block and object), networking (VPCs, proxies and CDNs), and administer high-availability SQL Server and Snowflake clusters

  • Monitoring and instrumentation: implement metrics in Splunk, Grafana, log management and related system, and Slack/PagerDuty integrations

  • Helping release managers deploy and fix new versions of Knoema product

  • Respond to incidents that impact Knoema product availability, provide support with customer incidents, and prevent incidents from ever happening.

  • Develop a relationship with a product group, define their SLAs, share data on those SLAs and improve their reliability

  • Initial installation and composability for self-managed installations

  • Debug production issues across services and levels of the stack.

  • Plan the growth of Knoemas infrastructure and databases.

Technical Must Haves for Intermediate Level

  • General knowledge of 4 infrastructure expertise areas, with deep knowledge in 1 area
    • Chef (basic syntax, recipes, cookbooks) and Ansible (basic syntax, tasks, playbooks)

    • Terraform basic syntax and GitLab CI/CD configuration, pipelines, jobs

    • Cloud resources provisioning and configuration through CLI/API

    • Kubernetes basic understanding, CLI, service re-provisioning

    • Provisioning and setup metrics in Splunk, Grafana, alerts and silences

    • Provision and setup logs and queries for general questions

    • Operating system (Linux) configuration, package management, startup and troubleshooting

    • Block and object storage configuration

    • Networking VPCs, proxies and CDNs

  • Experience transforming existing applications to cloud native oriented applications

  • Experience with Docker and Kubernetes in production use cases and running applications at scale

  • Have solid knowledge of SQL Server and Snowflake administration

  • Have strong programming skills in at least one: Shell, Python, Javascript or Go.

  • Have the ability to orchestrate and automate complex administrative tasks.

  • Have an urge to collaborate and communicate asynchronously.

  • Have an urge to document all the things so you dont need to learn the same thing twice.

  • Have a proactive, go-for-it attitude. When you see something broken, you cant help but fix it.

Great Applications Have
  • The thirst to keep current on new industry trends, IT ops, and best practices, and can help guide us on what we should implement and why
  • A “no task is too small” attitude
  • Appreciation for the need to communicate the value of technical work to non-technical audiences: explaining “why”, not just “what”
  • A recognition of the value of data to evaluate production environments with metrics, monitoring, and dashboards
Knoema Non-Negotiables
  • Willing to work on a team that believes:
    • Everything starts with the customer
    • Deliver first, optimize soon
    • Small experiments >>> large releases
    • Debates are a sign of passion, and are never personal
    • Ownership is key
  • Viewing diversity as a core strength, not just a nice feature
  • Embracing a growth mindset to tackle new, interdisciplinary challenge
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