SS Mechanical CRM Job in Aditya Birla Group

Aditya Birla Group, Orissa, Openings : 1, Experience : Not Specified
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Job Description :
Updated: October 17, 2022
Location: Orissa, India
Organization: Metals

Job Description:

Educational Qualification – Diploma in Mechanical

  • Key Responsibilities / Tasks / Activities

  • Read log book, understand on-going issues, mark attendance and prepare jobs shift plan

  • Conduct tool box talk / safety / quality pep talk and allocate technicians to work area / job station / equipment and ensure that they are optimally utilized

  • Undertake general checking LLF, fill daily check sheet and perform standard safety checks, as may be required; also perform standard per shift corrective actions that are required to be undertaken

  • Taking responsibility of hydraulic system by monitoring temperature, oil level. Ensuring periodic replacement of filters, scheduling piping clamping, periodic replacement of o-rings & fittings.

  • Ensure proper greasing for all identified points of Cold Line

  • Ensuring periodic replacement of Filters of Lubrication systems.

  • Taking responsibility of all Rolling Oil System (Pumps, Valves , Filters, heat exchanger)

  • Taking responsibility of CO2 system & water Deluge fire fighting system.

  • Ensuring proper health of Annealing Furnace & charger by periodic maintenance as per schedule.

  • Taking responsibilities of three coil cars , pallet conveyors, CIS & CPS by periodic inspection & thereby taking actions on the abnormalities identified during inspection

  • Taking responsibility of all equipment inside mill by periodic inspections and thereby taking actions on the abnormalities identified during inspection

  • Plan for and ensure tools, material and parts availability for Work Order (WO) completion; ensure appropriate tools and PPEs are being used and also undertake verification and checking of calibration done on measuring instruments

  • Obtain validation of HIRA / JSAs and contribute to creation of new HIRA / JSA, if and when required

  • Contribute to Root Cause Analysis (RCA) to identify the real issues in breakdown and support solutions so that same breakdowns are not repeated.

  • Identify the true nature of the maintenance issue and engage with other maintenance departments or agencies to ensure that the problem is attended to and resolved in time

  • Prepare Work Permit and / or LOTOTO, obtain approval and provide the same to Operations for clearance; post receipt of clearance, ensure that the equipment is isolated / de- energized and proper handover is taken from Operations before commencing any maintenance work

  • Ensure appropriate handover of equipment to Operations post Work Permit / Work Order completion; monitor and observe the performance and working of the equipment handed over and check for any abnormalities

  • Maintain housekeeping standards, especially post job completion, and ensure that all tools / instruments are stored properly


Minimum Experience Level:
4-5 Years

Report to:
Last Date For Apply: 14/Feb/2023 10:02:04 Job Type : Full Time, Employment Type : PermanentApply Here