Social Services Analyst 1-3 (Child Support Enforcement)

State of Louisiana, Tallulah, LA, Openings : 1,
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Supplemental Information

Department MISSION

DCFS is working to keep children safe, helping individuals and families become self-sufficient, and providing safe refuge during disasters.

Department VISION

We care for the well-being and safety of Louisianas people.

Department VALUES

Treating all people with dignity, compassion and respect, while providing services with integrity.

This vacancy is located in the Madison Parish Child Support Enforcement office in Tallulah, LA.

The referenced positions have a Special Entrance Rate (SER) see below:
Social Services Analyst 1 – SER: $16.42 hourly (Pay Level SS-410)
Social Services Analyst 2 – SER: $17.56 hourly (Pay Level SS-411)
Social Service Analyst 3 – SER: $21.27 hourly (Pay Level SS-413)

The referenced positions are also eligible for premium pay of up to $2.00 per hour for hours worked based on years of service within DCFS Family Support.

This position may be filled as a probational appointment or a job appointment that may last up to 48 months. Job appointments may convert to probational appointments. Also, it may be filled as a detail and promoted within 12 months.

You must include all relevant education and experience on your official State application.

Resumes cannot be submitted in li eu of completing an application.

  • Focusing on Customers: The ability to serve the needs of those who support and/or rely on the services provides.
  • Following Policies and Procedures: The ability to comply with policies and procedures of the organization as well as State Civil Service rules, and all applicable federal and state laws.
  • Making Accurate Judgments: The ability to form an opinion objectively and decisively based on relevant information and in accordance with established standards.
  • Accepting Direction: The ability to accept and follow directions from those higher in the chain of command.
  • Acting with Ethics and Integrity: The ability to be consistent, honest, and a trustworthy steward of State resources.
  • Communicating Effectively: The ability to relay information correctly and appropriately to connect people and ideas.
  • Displaying Professionalism: The ability to recognize how your actions impact the perceptions of both you and your organization.
  • Managing Time: The ability to control your time to increase effectiveness, efficiency, or productivity.
  • Solving Problems: The ability to discover solutions to problems.

The duties that you describe in the Work Experience section of your application will be reviewed by State Civil Service as part of the process in determining if you meet the minimum qualifications for this job.

Your experience WILL NOT be evaluated based on the job title alone. You must describe your actual duties. If you are a current employee of the State of Louisiana it is important that you indicate in the “Duties” section for each job the specific programs that you worked in to receive credit for that experience.

List all prior employment. Work experience left off of your electronic application or only included in an attached resume will not be credited. Resumes WILL NOT be accepted in lieu of completed education and experience sections on your application. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

Applicants qualifying based on college training or receipt of a baccalaureate degree will be required to submit an official college transcript to verify credentials claimed prior to appointment. Please make every effort to attach a copy of your transcript to your application. The transcripts can be added as an attachment to your online application. The selected candidate will be required to submit original documentation upon hire.

This position participates in a Career Progression Group (CPG) and may be filled as a Social Services Analyst 1, 2, or 3 . The level at which the vacancy is filled will be determined by the qualifications of the candidate selected. This position provides the opportunity to advance within this job series.

The actual starting salary depends on the education and experience of the selected applicant.

No Civil Service test score or assessment is required to be considered for this vacancy.

Applicants are responsible for checking the status of their application to determine where they are in the recruitment process. Further status message information is located under the Information section of the Current Job Opportunities page.

DCFS is an Equal Opportunity Employer and Louisiana is a State as a Model Employer for People with Disabilities.

For additional information about this vacancy, please contact April Aulds via email at .

Minimum Qualifications

MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS: A baccalaureate degree. SUBSTITUTIONS: Six years of full-time work experience in any field may be substituted for the required baccalaureate degree. Candidates without a baccalaureate degree may combine work experience and college credit to substitute for the baccalaureate degree as follows: A maximum of 120 semester hours may be combined with experience to substitute for the baccalaureate degree. 30 to 59 semester hours credit will substitute for one year of experience towards the baccalaureate degree. 60 to 89 semester hours credit will substitute for two years of experience towards the baccalaureate degree. 90 to 119 semester hours credit will substitute for three years of experience towards the baccalaureate degree. 120 or more semester hours credit will substitute for four years of experience towards the baccalaureate degree. College credit earned without obtaining a baccalaureate degree may be substituted for a maximum of four years full-time work experience towards the baccalaureate degree. Candidates with 120 or more semester hours of credit, but without a degree, must also have at least two years of full-time work experience to substitute for the baccalaureate degree. NOTE: Any college hours or degree must be from an accredited college or university. NOTE: An applicant may be required to possess a valid Louisiana drivers license at time of appointment.

Willingness and ability to handle and carry firearms.

Job Concepts

FUNCTION OF WORK: To assess, evaluate, and provide social services that are administered by the Department of Children and Family Services. LEVEL OF WORK: Entry. SUPERVISION RECEIVED: Close from a higher level supervisory or managerial position. SUPERVISION EXERCISED: None. LOCATION OF WORK: Department of Children and Family Services. JOB DISTINCTIONS: Differs from the Social Services Analyst 2 by the presence of less independence and complexity of work.

Examples of Work

EXAMPLES BELOW ARE A BRIEF SAMPLE OF COMMON DUTIES ASSOCIATED WITH THIS JOB TITLE. NOT ALL POSSIBLE TASKS ARE INCLUDED. Under close supervision, the entry level Social Services Analyst learns to perform the following duties: Interprets and applies complex federal, state and local laws and regulations, program directives, and agency policies and procedures. Interviews clients/applicants to obtain information, assess employment and educational history, work abilities, and training interests in order to determine the support services needed. Serves as case manager for assigned caseload by recording findings, recommendations and services provided completes case record forms and any necessary correspondence in connection with assigned cases. Explains program to applicants and discusses its rules and procedures, assesses clients willingness and ability to comply with program mandates, identifies barriers to participation, and selects resources to eliminate barriers. Monitors program participation to determine compliance and takes appropriate action to ensure that participants fulfill program obligations. May assist with representing the agency on client appeals and appeal hearings by compiling the Summary of Evidence and other agency documentation. Performs investigative and enforcement function of child support cases in the areas of intake services, absent parent location, collection of payments, and probation services regarding criminal neglect of family cases. Assesses financial resources to determine an absent parents ability to provide support. Monitors all support payment activity on assigned cases and follows up on delinquent payments. Prepares and submits appropriate documents for court proceedings and serves as court liaison for the agency in coordination of docket scheduling, affidavit completion, case testimony, judicial reviews, etc Makes field contact which includes probation supervision, serving of notices, orders, subpoenas, and writs. May issue warrants and makes arrests. Adjudicates disability claims filed under the Social Security Disability and Supplemental Security Income Program. Reviews disability applications to determine appropriate sources of medical, psychological, vocational, and social information to document the claimants disability or non-disability. Confers with medical professionals on determination of disability and need for medical appliances. Prepares an assessment to determine the claimants ability to function by applying a multiple step sequential evaluation process to identify the claimants capability to perform work activity. Conducts Claimant Conferences to fully explain the disability process to claimant. Assesses program eligibility for children placed in the care and/or custody of the Department of Children and Family Services, special needs children who have been adopted and are receiving subsidies, and certain juveniles who are in the custody of the Department of Public Safety and Corrections. Reviews court orders and other documents to assure that reasonable efforts were made to prevent children from coming into state custody.
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