Food Services Driver

Hawaii State Department of Education, Island of Hawai‘i, HI, Openings : 1, Experience : Not Specified
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Job Description :
    $3,795.00 per month (BC-03)

  • Location:
    Hawaii District, Island of Hawaii
    CA Hilo-Waiakea

  • Employment Opportunities in Temporary Positions
    Some vacant positions may be temporary. Temporary positions may be extended year to year, dependent upon funding and departmental needs. Making yourself available for temporary positions increases your employment possibilities and may lead to permanent opportunities. A person hired for a temporary position may also become a temporary employee upon satisfactory completion of the initial probation period of at least six months. Once a temporary employee, you would be eligible to apply for promotion and transfer opportunities to permanent as well as other temporary positions. You may also enjoy other rights and benefits as afforded to an employee in a permanent position, with the exception of return rights and placement rights associated with a reduction-in-force.

  • Job Summary: Operates a food service vehicle to transport prepared meals, food items, food carts, and related equipment and supplies assists in the preparation and serving of school meals and performs other duties as assigned.

  • Minimum Qualification Requirements: Applicants must meet all the requirements for the position they are seeking as of the date of the application, unless otherwise specified. Unless specifically indicated, the required education and experience may not be gained concurrently.

    Note: Calculation of experience is based on full-time, 40-hour workweeks. Part-time experience is pro-rated. Example: Twelve months of experience at 20 hours/week is equivalent to six months of experience, not one year. Also, hours worked in excess of 40 hours/week will not be credited. Example: Twelve months of experience at 60 hours/week is equivalent to one year of experience, not one and a half years.

    To qualify, you must meet all of the following requirements:

    Education and Experience Requirements:
    No specific education or experience is required, however, applicants must possess the ability to read, write and understand oral and written English, follow oral and written instructions, and perform simple arithmetic. Such abilities may be demonstrated by graduation from high school or work experience which required the cited abilities.

    License Requirement:
    Applicants must possess a valid license to drive in the State of Hawaii. Please mail a copy (or attach a scanned copy) of your license immediately upon applying.

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Last Date For Apply: 2022-04-17 10:04:18 Job Type : Full Time, Employment Type : PermanentApply Here