Corrections Officer

Racine County, Racine, WI 53403, Openings : 1, Experience : Not Specified
Job Description :

Basic Function
To maintain security and safety of inmates in the County jail as determined by the Sheriff, process admission/discharge paperwork and coordinate all paperwork of inmates, and to operate the Central Control computer system.

Essential Duties

  • Maintain security and safety of the County Jail including gaining and maintaining physical control of inmates.
  • Provide for the needs and well being of the inmates, including feeding inmates and handling inmate requests.
  • Conduct administrative tasks, including the processing of admission and release paperwork and entering charges of inmates in the jail via computer entry, process all other paperwork including State Probation office, courts, and other agencies, and maintaining computer logs.
  • Operate Central Control computer system to monitor access to jail and control entry/egress.
  • Guard and care for work program inmates and all others as directed by the Sheriff.
  • Perform jail Housing Officer duty assignments including but are not limited to, distributing inmate medication, linen exchange, responding to medical emergencies, and dealing with unruly inmates.
  • Respond to public request for information concerning the jail and its inmates (telephone and public information counter).
  • Prepare all necessary reports and documents related to duties.
  • Assist with search and clothing exchange of inmates.

Classification Officer Essential Duties

  • Check daily for new admissions and releases.
  • Create classification decision trees on new inmates based on criminal histories.
  • Interview new inmates.
  • Make decisions on where inmates will be housed, based on their classification.
  • Check incoming court paperwork daily for possible classification reviews.
  • Check disciplines daily for possible re-classifications.
  • Review inmate classifications periodically.
  • Keep updated classification files.

Supervision Received
Receives supervision from Captain, Lieutenants, and Sergeants in the jail.


  • High School diploma or GED equivalent.
  • At least 18 years of age.
  • Valid drivers license. (Must be maintained)
  • Participation in an oral panel interview.
  • Acceptable background history report. No convictions of a felony unless the judgment or conviction has been reversed or completely pardoned. No convictions of a misdemeanor or other offense of which the circumstances substantially relate to the position.
  • Comply with dress code to include wearing designated uniform. No facial hair (except mustache complying with department standards).
  • Prompt and regular attendance.
  • Or any equivalent combination of education, training and experience, which provides the requisite knowledge, skills and abilities.

Knowledge Skills &amp Abilities

  • Ability to successfully complete the Wisconsin Law Enforcement Standards Board Jail Officer Basic Training (200 Hours) and obtain annual re-certification.
  • Ability to obtain CPR certification and annual re-certification.
  • Ability to obtain proficiency in the use of a self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA).
  • Perform work in an accurate, calm and timely manner in crisis or emergency situation.
  • Read, understand and follow departmental procedures, court orders, arrest documents, directives, and department manuals.
  • Write receipts, reports, memos, maintain logs and handle money.

Physical Requirements

  • Continuously (67-100% of workday) – talk, hear, and use vision to include far, near, color, and peripheral vision (such as maintaining safety and security of situations).
  • Frequently (34-66% of workday) – sit (such as on jail unit), stand, walk, bend/twist and reach (such as for maintaining safety and security of situations), and light fingering (such as performing data entry on computer keyboard).
  • Occasionally (1-33% of workday) – stoop, kneel, and crouch (such as to restrain inmates or perform first aid functions), climb 69 steps on a circular staircase of 4 flights (such as for security and/or rescue operations), push, lift, and/or carry inmate in wheelchair (such as from wheelchair to bunk to toilet), lift and carry objects (such as property bins weighing up to 50 pounds, including overhead lifting or such as food trays weighing up to 5 pounds), lift, carry and/or drag individuals weighing approximately 180 pounds for rescue operations (50 feet toward fire tower, or for 4-person lift on medical board), restrain and handcuff an inmate.

Working Conditions

  • Continuous inside work (67-100% of workday).
  • Frequent hazard of physical attack or injury (34-66% of workday).
  • Occasional exposure to noise (1-33% of workday).

Equipment Used

  • Basic office equipment such as copy machine, personal computer, and fax machine technical equipment such as first aid equipment, breathing apparatus, handheld metal detector, handcuffs and carry and operate a portable 2-way radio.

This description has been prepared to assist in properly evaluating various classes of responsibilities, skills, working conditions, etc., present in the classification. It is intended to indicate the kinds of tasks and characteristic levels of work difficulty that will be required of positions that will be given this title. It is not intended as a complete list of specific duties and responsibilities, nor, is it intended to limit or in any way modify the right of any supervisor to assign, direct, and control the work of employees under his/her supervision. The use of a particular expression or illustration describing duties shall not be held to exclude other duties not mentioned that are of a similar kind and level of difficulty.

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